I close my eyes and think of home. A place I long to be
The creaking of the garden gate. The table set for tea.
I still can sense the happiness of walking through the door.
A feeling I’d experienced a thousand times before.

I close my eyes and hear the sound of laughter in the air.
Remembering the happy times when love was going spare.
The birthday mornings I’d awake to presents by my bed.
The Christmas eves I’d try to sleep while magic ruled my head.

I close my eyes and see my room. My desk. My bed. My chair.
Exactly as it used to be. As if I still were there.
Although I know things change with every day that passes by.
I can’t believe that anything has changed as much as I.

I close my eyes and run into our garden full of flowers.
I push the swing on which I used to play for hours and hours.
I’m older now, and wiser now than I was way back then
But time cant chip away the place I’ll never touch again.

I close my eyes and feel my mother’s kiss upon my face.
Within her arms was after all a very special place.
I’m sure I had my reasons as to why I couldn’t stay
But just like everything I left, they seem so far away.

I close my eyes and think of home, with longing for the past.
A cradle full of time gone by which disappeared so fast.
Though memories can never fill the loneliness I’ve found
I wonder if they think of me, now that I’m not around.