About My Teddy

Did I ever tell you about my teddy bear?
The one with not much hair,
And just one ear,
And a lopsided leer?

Well tell me, did I?

Talking of eyes,
It may come as a surprise,
To those of you who know I never tell lies,
To learn he had two.

Hands up all those who thought I was going to say one?

Run, teddy run!. Now I’m having fun.
No, he definitely had two.
Oh yes,
Two eyes for sure.

One on his face,
And one in my bedroom drawer,
Next to his other ear,
Long John’s Silvers Parrot,
My Rabbit Thumpers’ carrot,
And Jumbo the elephant's trunk.

Oh, and the missing marbles from Ker-plunk!
Oh, funk!

I think perhaps I’d better stop,
Before I go completely over the top.
But may I suggest,
Which I only say because I think it best,
And I feel I should rest,
Before you begin to detest my little jest.

If my rhyme you adore,
And want more.
An encore

About my teddy.
I’ll tell you what to do,
If you’re ready.
On your marks get steady.

Just remain.
And read this verse again!