Among Friends (Reprise)

This is the place to be.
This is where trouble ends.
I feel a certain glow,
because i know,
that I’m among friends.

Whatever fate may hold.
Whatever life may unfold.
I’ll never turn away,
while I can say,
that I’m among friends.

Through the years friendships grow.
Some friends come,
others go.
But while I have friends I know,
I won’t be lonely.

So if things get me down.
Or if my world upends,
I’ll simply take a look around at my fabulous friends.
And if by chance however,
you don’t think it’s forever,
I know I’ll never part from one of my friends.
It warms my heart to know
that I’m among friends.
I’m among friends.!
I’m among friends!
I’m among…friends!