To Win An Award!

Performed on CD by: Diane Langton

We do not know when first we try,
For something special to create.
But we can hope It will be high,
And we can hope It will be great!

First you get that chance to thrill ‘em,
To knock ‘em In the aisles and fill em’
With wonder, with each smile you kill ‘em…
To win an award!

Each review Is simply glowing.
The queues to see you keep on growing,
But still you have no way of knowing,
Who’ll win an award.

Nominations may be grand,
But you know It does not count until It’s In your hand!

Whispered voices leave you fretting.
It’s two to one on you they’re betting.
The thought of glory starts you sweating,
Oh lord!
You long for the night.
Your stars say you might.
Please let them be right for that award.

On the night you sit there hopin’,
As someone famous starts to open
The envelope, so far you’re copin’…
Who’s won the award?

Suddenly you hear them roaring.
Something Inside you’s started soaring.
At last there can be no Ignoring,
You’ve won the award.

Nominations may be fine,
But the glow comes when you’re free to say, ‘the trophy’s mine!’

As you stand you feel you’re swaying.
‘we knew she’d win’, you hear them saying.
It’s just for you the music’s playing,
Oh lord!
Tonight Is the night!
The stars said ‘you might!’
And weren’t they just right.
It’s your award!

Tonight Is the night!
The stars said ‘you might!’
And weren’t they just right!
It’s my award!

Words and music – © Richard Kates 1996