Anyone But You

Performed on CD by: Jessica Martin

Anyone but you.
I walk alone and think of anyone but you.
I hear the phone and think of who It will not be.
That face I dare not see.
That secret place,
That warm embrace,
Once meant for only me.

Anyone but you.
I hold a drink recalling anyone but you.
I cannot think about those evenings by the fire,
To soon a distant choir.
That lilting tune,
That haunting moon,
That faded with desire.

You lied to me,
But I was blind.
I didn’t see the change,
Or sense the turning tide.
You lied to me,
And now I find,
There’s an anger I cannot control that I’m desperate to hide.

Anyone but you.
I lie awake and think of anyone but you.
A constant ache which I’m now left alone to bear.
The fights without you there.
The wondrous heights,
Of wondrous nights,
That we no longer share.

Anyone but me.
You made your choice and you chose anyone but me.
Your gentle voice with words I could not comprehend.
A game that had to end.
We soon became,
A dying flame,
In which I lost my friend.

Anyone but me.
I can’t forgive that you chose anyone but me.
Now I must live to know you love somebody new.
But sweetheart I’m not through.
You’re In my soul,
And everything I do.
And years may come and go,
But there’s one thing I know,
I’ll never ever love anyone but you.

No I’ll never, ever love,
Anyone but you.