I Could Never Keep The Man!

Performed on CD by: Fennella Fielding

No one ever claimed that life was easy,
But despite this , at most things I’ve been adept.
And as down life’s road I’ve travelled,
As my destiny unravelled,
A diary’s not the only thing I’ve kept.

I kept the diamond and kept the cars,
Those gowns designed by beaton and those burmese pyas,
And once or twice I must admit I kept the scars,
But I could never keep the man!

I kept the poems by jean cocteau.
That darling little figure carved by dear pablo,
And any cheque that ended In an o o oh!
But I could never keep the man!

I kept camels from sultans, and horses from kings,
And pearls from katmandu.
I kept peacocks and parrots, and other such things…
I re-call a lovely cockatoou!

I kept the rights to that porter song.
The cartier clock that chimed and never once was wrong.
I couldn’t stand the ding, but how I loved that dong,
But I could never keep the man!

I kept the deeds to that greek hotel,
A first edition of ‘the scarlet pimpernel’,
And the memory of boleroing with old ravel,
But I could never keep the man!

I kept my stake In that broadway smash.
The tax I didn’t pay on jobs I did for cash,
And those shares I sold the day before the wall street crash,
But I could never keep the man!

There were moments of madness and days of desire,
With which I could not part.
And If love was a circus I walked the high wire,
But when I fell, I kept my heart!

I kept the golf course In sunny spain,
And once my ‘fear of flying’ went, I kept the plane.
I even kept those handcuffs and that bamboo cane,
But I could never,
I could never,
I could never, ever keep the man!

Words and music – © Richard Kates 1996