Streisand Got There First!

Performed on CD by: Stephanie Lawrence

Choosing a song that you like Isn’t easy.
In truth it’s a terrible bore.
Whatever you find and are eager to sing,
Has been sung by somebody before.
Not Bassey, Minnelli or Shirley Maclaine,
The truth you see is worse.
I find a song,
But then find out,
That Streisand got there first!

She seems to have found every good song around.
How lucky can you get?
That face on the screen, beautiful, evergreen.
No wonder I’m upset!
She’s been guilty too long,
Please find me a song that queen bee hasn’t made.
Her second hand rose,
Came in by a nose.
Oh Babs don,t rain on my parade!

Somewhere there is a song, so I’ll search all night long.
I don’t break easily.
Do not send in the clowns,
Not while I am around.
Are there no more songs for me?
I’d cry me a river, but I’ve no more tears, I’m cursed,
‘cos Streisand got there first!

Everything is a whirl,
It is not funny girl,
You’re the top, and I’m forlorn.
My friends think I’m mental, I loved her in Yentl,
And a star is born.
For Pete’s sake! What’s up doc?
This nuts gonna burst,
‘cos Streisand got there first!

Could it be that choosing songs was simple then?
Why must I be bitten every time?

No matter what happens, the sweetest sounds are cursed!
Enough Is enough Is enough Is enough,
Is enough Is enough Is enough Is enough!
‘cos Streisand got there…
Barbra can you hear me?
Whisper so long dearie!
I’ve got plenty of nothin’!
Happy days?
Sleepless nights!
'Cos Streisand got there firsttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!

Words and music – © Richard Kates 1996