It’s What I Understand

I can’t explain the way it seems.
This never-never land concealing fractured dreams.
But if at times thing’s haven’t quite worked out exactly as I planned,
It’s what I understand.

A cardboard tree.
A paper moon.
A moments glory often swept away too soon.
A million hopes emblazoned in a magic land.
It’s what I understand.

A dusty stage.
A draughty hall.
That second just before you take your curtain call.
Those drunken evenings singing show songs round a tired old baby grand.
It’s what I understand.

It’s here we live.
It’s here we thrive,
Within a castle in the air where madness reigns.
And once it starts,
And we’re alive,
It’s like a jet of icy champagne racing round and round your veins.

The friends you make.
And those you lose.
And those you try to tell yourself you didn’t choose.
The two weeks notice for the show the public loved, but critics panned.
It’s what I understand.

A roaring crowd,
On opening night.
That first night party where you’re higher than a kite,
And end up standing on a table, singing songs without a band.
It’s what I understand.

A casting call.
A buck and wing.
Then all those hours waiting for the phone to ring.
Then hearing on the morning that you’re due to start the shows been canned.
It’s what I understand.

With just a stage,
And just some light,
We have the power to make you laugh and make you cry.
The spell is cast,
And once you bite,
You could be riding on a shooting star that’s racing through the sky!

The dressing room,
The night you close.
They say the show goes on, but sometimes it just goes.
The final exit through the stage door with your makeup in your hand.
Oh yes, it’s all been grand.
All of the lies, all of the tears, all of those months, all of those years.
All of the calls, all of the sweat, all of the jobs I didn’t get.
All the grind, all the flak, all those knives in my back.
All the drugs, all the booze, every knock, every bruise.
Every hope every goal, every god awful role.
Every script, every play, every night, every day.
Every day, every day, every day…
Glitter be damned!
It’s what I understand!