The Helen Keller Rag

When god was dealing out the deck of life, I cried in vain.
I got a gift the doctors couldn’t fix.
I saw a world devoid of love, but filled with hurt and pain.
Each birthday all I got were dogs and sticks.
Somehow I knew I’d never race a car or fly a plane,
And blind man’s bluff I didn’t like to play.
Until my mother said to me, before she went insane…
Lovely woman my mother.
Look at life the Helen Keller way.

Helen Keller was this blind girl.
Deaf and dumb, yet a divine pearl.
She seemed to have an inner light.
Kind and sweet and unassuming.
Like a flower, plump and blooming,
She always saw the wrong from right.

Each day she would try something new,
And believe it, Helen always saw it through!
Friends would take her hide n’ seekin’,
Lots of hiding, but no peekin’,
And you should have seen fly her kite.

One day Helen was invited,
To a dance for the short sighted.
They sent her invite through the mail.
When the luv came to unseal it,
Poor old Helen couldn’t feel it,
So they sent another one in braille.

Some thought Helen Keller should not go,
But what the eye don’t see, it’s true the eye don’t know!
Come the night she put her dress on.
Back to front, but we must press on,
With our little Helen Keller tale.

At the dance she stood for hours,
Shaking hands and sniffing flowers,
Wondering if she’d ever get to dance.
Armed with fizzy drink and sandwich,
And her book of body language,
Helen never got a second glance.

Undeterred though, down at the hop,
She decided to set her sights for the top.
So this darling adolescent,
Knocked back one anti-depressant,
Knowing this might be her only chance.

Helen Keller glanced around, but everything looked black.
She knew that one wrong move could leave her flat upon her back.
But none the less she didn’t want her friends to think her green,
And so she moved towards the floor.
Can you picture the scene?
She knocked a chair and table down, but still she soldiered on
All eyes were fixed on Helen, who by now looked pale and wan.
She knew that if she didn’t dance her friends would think her mental.
But should she do the rumba, or the twist or continental?
Then suddenly it came to her, she knew she couldn’t lose it.
She didn’t need rehearsing, ‘cos she wouldn’t hear the music!

First she stood there fingers ready,
Up then down with body steady.
Twirled her hips, and feet began to drag.
Then her body started flicking,
Twitchy toes and feet a kicking,
Hence was born the Helen Keller Rag!

Click heels, slap thighs, and then advance.
What a treasure, couldn’t sing, but could she dance!
Soon the room was up and clappin’,
clappin’, clappin’, body rappin’,
dancing to the Helen Keller rag!

Helen Keller had a good life.
Some say she’d have been a good wife,
As nobody ever heard her nag.
When god called her she departed,
Leaving us all broken hearted,
But our story has a happy tag.

All in heaven, of ‘Hel’ had heard,
So Ms. Keller never had to say a word!
In the day she’s up there prayin’,
But at night she’s up there slayin’,
Heaven with the Helen Keller rag!
I say Helen!Il say Helen!
It’s heaven with the Helen Keller rag!