When I Gaze Into A Mirror

When I gaze into a mirror what I see,
Is a person I don’t recognise as me.
I am surely ten years younger.
Make that twenty,
Make it more.
Who the hell requested wrinkles,
Or an arse that hits the floor?

So what happened to the blossom and the bloom?
Turning heads through simply walking in a room?
Well the heads have not stopped turning,
They just turn to look away.
No one loves a faded fairy.
Or a queen who loves ballet!

When I take my clothes off daily what I find,
Is a body to which nature’s not been kind.
So I dress in Klein or Cardin,
And wear caps upon my teeth.
Wondering if a bit more surgery
Could remove the pain beneath.

Though I may not be that stallion I once knew
I cannot accept that in their eyes I’m through.
But if I want someone younger,
I’m the one who has to pay,
And then once my wallet’s empty,
They are gone and I’m case.

I remember when my hair was thick and flowing.
Making me look so much younger than my years.
But recession brought depression,
As I watched it slowly going
from my head,
onto my shoulders,
then my eyebrows, nose and ears.

When I look into a mirror what I see,
Is a person I can’t recognise as me.
Staring back I see a child,
in a ravaged face of fear,
With all hope gone for tomorrow
For this badly ageing queer.

So who cares if I’m a sad and lonely Queen,
Clinging desperately to dreams which might have been?
Sipping brandy, playing Verdi,
With nobody but my cat.
Piling pounds on eating chocolates,
Who’s to care if I’m too fat?
When the bird of youth went flying by,
It didn’t sing,
It shat!
On me!
Well that’s that!
But I’ve had my youth.
Had everyone!
Who gives a damn when all is done?
And though I know I’ve lost the knack,
I’d sell my soul to get it back.
I never dreamed my twilight years,
Would be so filled with twilight tears.
As slowly I’m resigned to join the queue,
But don’t laugh at me today,
Because one day this tragic creature…
May be you!