The Words and Music of Richard Kates

I’d like if I might to invite you.
To a world which I hope might excite you.
Slightly fazed by the task I am facing.
Though I don’t mind admitting,
My heart is racing.

The fact that I’m here now before you,
As the moment of anticipation at last dissipates,
Is a fair indication I hope will make clear
That I’m mad to be here. I mean, glad to be here,
As I bring you, and sing you the words and the music of Kates.
Richard Kates.

I’m willing and eager to cast off.
Every chain and each shackle and blast off
To a land that is all my creation.
All I need from you now
Is the invitation.

There will be no gadgets or gimmicks.
No cats, helicopters, no battlements, highways or skates.
With no scenery that looks like it costed the earth
Or hydraulic machinery. For what it is worth
All you’re getting from me is the words and the music of Kates!
Richard Kates.

So what if I’m taking a gamble,
By ignoring each one of those musical masters. Those greats!
Without Bernstein, Cy Coleman or Herman or Cole.
No Gershwin, Lloyd Webber or Sondheim or Noel
What you’re getting from me is the words and the music of Kates!

They say that all good things eventually come to one who waits.
But were they referring to the words and music of Richard Kates?

Words and music – © Richard Kates 1999