Dare To be Great

You have to dare to be greater, from the time that you first learn,
That there’s a path leading forward from which you must never turn.
But should you feel that failure’s beckoning,
Bringing dreams that offer less
Just press on along that uphill road,
That will lead you to success!

You have to dare to be brighter than the brilliance of a star.
And you must dare to dig deeper, in your quest for who you are.
But don’t ever stop believing,
Even when you’re cold and scared.
With each day you’ll grow,
And your heart will know,
You dared!

You have to dare to be greater than the greatest moment known,
And you must dare to soar higher than the eagle’s ever flown.
And when there comes a time for wondering ,
As to why the shoe won’t fit,
Simply walk barefoot along the road,
But never ever quit!

You have to dare to sing louder, when you’re standing in a choir.
And you must dare to burn fiercer, than the sparks within a fire.
And your flame can burn forever,
Just as long as you’re prepared.
Come that glorious day,
When they’ll proudly say,
You dared!

There are no limits to your dreams.
If there’s a challenge see it through.
For today’s the first day of the rest of your life.
And that life belongs to you!

You have to dare to be greater than the noblest of them all.
And you must dare to stand taller, when your back’s against the wall.
And when the future’s beckoning,
It’s then you’ll learn your fate.
When you dare,
Simply dare,
To stand proud,
Way above every crowd,
And dare to be great!