Mae I?

Questions sometime need an immediate answer.
In certain cases answers come too late.
Though one day you may turn to see,
I’ve waited an eternity.
But in your case I’m quite prepared to wait.

If you want someone to walk with you, Mae I?
If you want someone to talk with you, Mae I?
Side by side we’d set this town alight.
Hand in hand we’d waltz into the night.
For one smile i’d win that title fight. Mae I?
Mae I?

Should I get the chance to stay with you, Mae I?
Every moment of each day with you, Mae I?
There’s no place that I would rather be,
Need you question why?
Give me time and darling you’ll agree.
Mae I?

Should you ever need a helping hand, Mae I?
When the rest refuse to understand, Mae I?
Until you began defying things,
Sachs was just a shop for buying things.
If you’re really into trying things, Mae I?
Mae I?

I could spend my life adoring you, Mae I?
If you don’t think i’d be boring you, Mae I?
With you here I’d be unsinkable,
I can’t tell a lie.
Life without you‘s quite unthinkable.
Mae I?

You create the unconventional, Mae I?
If i stare it’s unintentional, Mae I?
In your fond embrace I can escape.
Nowhere could I find a finer shape.
Call me Beula. watch me peel a grape! Mae I?
Mae I?

I’m prepared to wait forever more, Mae I?
If it’s love that you are searching for, Mae I?
Say the word and I will worship you
‘till the day I die.
There’s no thing that I would rather do. Mae I?
Mae I?
Mae I?