A Hard Man Is Good To Find

Just give me a man packed with muscle and brawn,
I’ll take him in new, and I’ll send him out worn.
I’ll wind up his main spring,
And watch him unwind.
A hard man is good to find!

I’ve always been partial to biceps and thighs.
To buttocks of concrete and come to bed eyes.
I can’t resist a pair of pecs,
Should some young stud begin to flex.
A hard man is so very good to find!

I get up when the cock crows and go down to the gym,
I find a bench, and gently recline.
My trainers promised many times to show me some stunts,
That is of course as long,
As I show him mine!

Just give me a man who’s a muscular hunk,
Who’s hot on charisma and loaded with spunk.
I’ll gladly relieve him,
I really don’t mind.
A hard man is so very good to find!

Did anyone ever tell you, you’ve got a magnificent erectus spinae?

I’ve always been turned on by prowess and power.
In my bed you won’t find a withering flower.
Should you need a jump start,
I’ll bump while you grind,
A hard man is good to find!

To be over forty ain’t much of a crime.
In truth I am plump in the youth of my prime.
How can you know what you like best,
‘Til you’ve been north, south, east and west?
A hard man is so very good to find!

I always have been interested in foreign affairs.
They always say will, and never say won’t.
I keep a Frenchman near in case it rains one day
And keep another close in case that it don’t.

Every man I meet wants to protect me.
I can’t figure out what from!

It’s not the men in my life, but the life in my men.
Why settle for one, when you can settle for ten?
That way they keep coming,
Again and again!
A hard man is so very good to find!
Believe me dearie!
Each ripple makes me grateful for mankind!
Never say weary!
A hard man is so very good to find!