I Miss The Music

Happy endings only work in fairy tales.
But fairy tales have never worked for me.
I never trusted ‘mirror mirror on the wall’
In fear of who’d be staring back at me.

I miss the music playing,
How I miss the music.
Once they played the music just for me

Where is the music playing?
Any kind of music.
Tell me where,
And that is where i’ll be.

I don’t need cardboard trees,
Or paper moons,
Or shimmering light.
Or someone waiting patiently to waltz into the night.

I just need music,
Any kind will do.
For music gives me strength to see me through.

I miss the music playing.
How I miss the music.
Vibrant and exciting and alive.

Where is the music playing?
Any kind of music.
Convincing me that somehow I’ll survive.

So long as music weaves it’s magic spell
I know in my soul
The love I have for music
Is a love I can control.

So play me music.
Move me,
Wrap around my heart
Just like sunshine on a cloudy day.
Where was when the music slipped away.

I miss the music playing
How I miss the music
Cascading down like sparks upon the sea
Where is the music playing?
Let me hear that music
Watch it cut my chains and set me free.

Oh let me be the vessel for those sounds
I rest my dreams upon
If music be the food of love
Play on and on and on!

And when the music’s playing,
Soaring through the sky,
I’ll then accept what I have always known
That with music playing I can’t be alone.