Taking the World by Storm!

From the cradle to the grave there’s not much time.
So they say.
And it’s true.
There are paths to walk and mountains we must climb
Every day
To pastures new.

And although with every day the odds diminish.
I’ll be out in front,
Defiant at the finish.

Right at the start we all are just beginners,
But soon the winners start breaking through.
Time after time we stand on the line just watching the game
Longing to get the chance that we need to burn like a flame.

Then comes the day you’re standing in the spotlight.
You don’t say ‘what light?’
You just perform.
Don’t lessen your speed should somebody yell ‘go slower!’
Like Noah ‘the goer’ try taking the world by storm!

Life is a journey which we have to travel,
While we unravel the web it weaves.
Kingdoms are built and burned to ground by throwing a dice
Winning or losing, however confusing, there’s always a price.

Just dare to be great and grow to be inspiring
With all guns firing
And don’t conform.
So why be a ‘gust’ when you’d rather be a ‘twister’
Hey mister insist on taking the world by storm!

What if Oscar was straight, or Newton not great?
Or McDonalds couldn’t sell?
What if Elvis Presley hadn’t got to sing?
And miraculously if it wasn’t for the
Alexander Graham Bell,
We would still be waiting for the phone to ring.
If Armstrong hadn’t done that first moon landing.
If Amadeus hadn’t penned a note.
If Monica Lewinski had stayed standing.
Or the wonder ship Titanic stayed afloat!

Given the gloves you have to come out fighting
Life’s more exciting,
When you’re on form!
I’ve opened the box belonging to poor Pandora,
Like Thor before I’m taking the world by storm!

(music break)

Open the gates the race of life has started
No course uncharted
No also-ran
I’m ready to try, and eager to fly and that’s why
I’m taking the world the only way i can.
On form!
No more forsaking the world,
Or breaking the world!
Just shaking and making and waking the world!
And that is why I’m taking the world
By storm!