I’m A Stripper

By daytime I’m an ordinary secretary.
Discerning, dedicated and demure.
Pen and pad by my side,
I bear my shorthand with pride,
But by night I bare a little bit more!

By night time I’m a stripper,
A sensual bodice ripper.
Who works the crowd until they cry for more.
They know just what they’re getting.
I leave them hot and sweating,
As bit by bit my clothing hits the floor.
To some it may seem curious.
My parents would be furious,
If they could see their little girl reveal
The body that god gave me,
But even he can’t save me,
But who needs god when you’ve got sex appeal!

By night time I’m a stripper.
I’ll bump and grind and dip
A hip and thigh and make them all go mad.
They call my style exotic.
I call my style erotic.
They say I’m good,
But baby I’m so bad!
Be glad it’s not contagious.
I live for the outrageous.
This little ‘miss’ is here to misbehave.
The moment I start showing,
I know the cocks are crowing,
And gypsy rose is turning in her grave!


You’ll catch nobody dozing,
While I’m up here exposing,
The parts of me you’re desperate to see.
You won’t be disappointed.
You know I’m double jointed.
You’ve paid your price and now the rest is free!
So load your guns and get a load of me!