I Just Need Diamonds

Some girls crave expensive artefacts,
Cultured pearls from Bloomingdales or Sachs.
I do not!
No sir!
I just need diamonds!

Some want art by Ducker or Degas
Cristal champagne. Almas caviar
I do not!
No sir!
I just need diamonds!

Who’s to blame me if i crave them
Men appreciate the chat up lines i save them

I could spend each moment of each day
Choosing little gifts from cartier
Ice is hot!
Oh sir!
I just need diamonds!
Some girls long for mink or ocelot
Hot vacations on a fancy yacht
I say what?
No sir!
I just need diamonds!

Some require homes on long island and
Some desire things strictly contraband
Who needs hot?
Unless that hot means diamonds!

Men go crazy when I shake ‘em
I have never been the been the kind of girl to fake ‘em

I’ve no time for that ‘noblesse oblige’,
When the box does not say Tiffany’s
Ice is hot!
Yes sir!
I just need diamonds!

If diamonds are a girls best friend.
And I believe that’s true.
I’m going to have a million friends.
Be honest,
Wouldn’t you?

So what if a frog or two’s been kissed.
I’ve found heaven, sparkling on my wrist!
Who’s to say I’m wrong
In needing diamonds?
Simply unmistakable!
I just need