Remember Today

There are days filled with memories we choose to forget
There are those filled with times that we cling to and yet
there are some that we cherish
and look back to say
‘I remember it all.
I remember today.’

Remember today
As you now join as one
From the book you both read
a new chapter’s begun.
A ring’s never broken.
That ring you now give
Hold on to this moment
as long as you live

Remember today
for the friends that are here
who will give their support to you
year after year.
Whatever the problem
Whatever the task
They are wanting to help
So have courage to ask

Remember today
for the vows that you make
For the words you have spoken
lay paths you will take
So while you stand together,
you’ll never be poor
and you’ll journey through life
as your fathers before.

Remember today
for the past you hold dear.
It has made you the people
we see standing here.
The loved ones who raised you
and guided your way,
are held in your hearts
and remembered today.

Remember today
not for silver or gold
but the person beside you
whose future you hold.
Take care of each other,
wherever you be,
for each door that you walk through,
you both hold a key.

Remember today
When the going gets tough
When the seas you are sailing
get stormy and rough
Remember the laughter
Ignoring the tears
For nothing can stop you
except your own fears.

So I wish you a life full of wonderful things
But ‘as one’ you will cope with whatever life brings.
And when you are old,
may you look back and say.
‘I remember it all.
I remember today.'