If Someone Asks… (the crumbly poem)

If someone asks me how I feel I’d say ‘crumbly’
Like a biscuit broken in a metal tin
Like a Jigsaw puzzle, in a box
Like a wave that’s smashed against the rocks
Like a crossword that you simply can’t begin

Like a clock whose spring has come unravelled
Like a winding road that’s rarely travelled
Like a fountain pen that’s not been filled with ink
Like an anxious baby in its cot
Like a piece of string that won’t un-knot
Like a murky pan left soaking in the sink

Like a game of Ludo, with no dice
Like a Polar bear in search of ice
Like the thirteenth chime you hear on New Years Eve
But for every wound and every scratch
and every crack and every patch
I draw my strength from what I still believe

I still believe that there will be a morning
I still believe that there’s a God above
I still believe that if I try to reach out I will touch the sky,
Watched over by the people that I love

So if I tell you that I’m feeling ‘crumbly’
I hope you’ll take the time to understand
that I require no more than this
A gentle word. A smile. A kiss,
And someone standing close…to hold my hand
I’m simply Alice lost in Wonderland.