I Know

I know that underneath those eyes I see
Lie secrets that you can’t reveal to me.
A world of longing love and hate,
A childhood flown that couldn’t wait.
A desperate heart that’s longing to be free

I know that when I touch your tortured soul,
I’m touching feelings that you can’t control.
A battered child, a battered mind,
A tightened spring that can’t unwind.
An actor hiding deep within each role.

But should I walk with you,
And you’re prepared to trust
That I can talk with you,
And understand your must.
Then I will stay with you,
And never let you down,
Each night and day with you,
And never let you drown.

I know that with each morning comes a pain,
That’s telling you not to be hurt again.
But life is there to take a chance,
To share a love, to share a dance,
And only you can dare to break the chain.
And find the life,
To which you can attain.

© Richard Kates 1997