One night while fast asleep I dreamt,
Of walking on the sand,
With just the company of the lord,
Who gently held my hand.

And slowly I began to see my life against the sky,
In vivid flashes it unfurled.
I did not question why.

And with each scene I saw a pair of footprints by my side.
But couldn’t work out who’s they were,
However hard I tried.
Two pairs when I was by myself,
At first seemed rather odd.
Until I realised whose they were.
They were the prints of god.

But when the final scene had passed,
I could not understand,
Why there was something strange
About the footprints in the sand.

You see I noticed there were times the other prints weren’t there,
But only when I was distraught,
Or verging on despair.

I could not fathom where he’d gone
And would not be content
Until I had the answer,
So I asked god what it meant.

‘You said that while I followed you,
I had no need to hide,
As you would always walk with me,
Forever by my side.’

‘And through those times I suffered most,
I trusted in your care,
But when I could go on no more,
Your footprints were not there?’

‘My precious child’ the lord replied
‘You do not understand.
Through all your pain and suffering,
I was there on the sand.’

‘The reason there was just one print
I can explain to you,
For at your very lowest ebb,
Was when I carried you.’

One night while fast asleep I dreamt,
Of walking on the sand,
And with each step I felt at peace,
With faith to hold my hand.