What Do You Do?

What do you do,
When you feel you’re fit to crumble?
When it seems that life is just too much to bear?
What do you do
When you take another tumble
And the one who used to catch you isn’t there?

What do you do
When the water seems much deeper?
When you’re sure that if you swim you’re going to drown.
What do you do
When that mountain looks much steeper
And you fear that once you’re up you won’t get down?

What do you do
When the night time seems much darker?
When no longer does your spirit light your way?
What do you do
When the mornings even starker
And it isn’t any lighter in the day?

What do you do?
When you’re feeling at your smallest
When you know you cannot do that extra mile?
What do you do?
You just stretch out to your tallest.
Take a deep breath. Hold your head up high.
And smile