We’re Going To Auntie Cissie!

We’re going to Auntie Cissie,
We can’t believe it’s true.
With her we do the nicest things,
Like going to the zoo.

Or maybe to a pantomime
Or better still the flicks,
That way we get a fizzy drink,
And also pick ‘n’ mix.

Then when the outings almost done,
We’ll find a place for tea,
Where cakes are piled up to the sky.
Enough for even me.

And once we’ve eaten all we can,
And can’t eat anymore,
We’ll catch the bus back to our house,
As Auntie starts to snore.

Then when it’s time to say goodbye,
She’ll kiss us on the head.
As we then tumble up the stairs,
To bathe and get to bed.

And then I’ll think as I’m tucked in,
A thought I’ve thought before.
It’s such a pity that Auntie Cissie,
Doesn’t live next door.