Little Boy Thinks

Little boy wakes and rushes downstairs.
Still in pyjamas, devoid of all cares.
Today’s an adventure, a chance to have fun.
The morning has broken a new days begun.

Little boy learns the things he is told,
Eager to know what the future will hold.
And for a short while, his innocent eyes,
Will gaze at a world he believes never lies.

Little boy plays with friends in the park,
Battling pirates and hunting the Snark.
A box for a shield, and a twig for a knife,
Splashing through puddles, reflecting his life.

Little boy thinks his thoughts for the day,
Unconsciously wishing his childhood away.
In search of a secret, in search of the truth,
Too late he will learn that the secret was youth.

Little boy lies safely tucked up in bed.
Sheets to his chin. Pillow under his head.
Watching and waiting, the moon gently beams.
Little boy sleeps, the creator of dreams.

Little boy grows, as little boy must,
Up in a world he believes he can trust.
Soon little boy will have grown to a man.
Oh stay little boy for as long as you can.