I Wonder

I wonder why adults are so fond of Shakespeare?
I went to a play and I have to confess,
I sat there for hours without any chocolates,
And I found it all such a terrible mess.

The costumes were pretty, I will not deny it.
But somehow I couldn’t get snug in my seat.
I thought as I sat between mummy and daddy,
That ‘Toad of toad hall’ was much more up my street.

The interval came and they bought me an ice cream,
Which I’m here to tell you was not at all cheap.
And as for the rest, I can’t really remember,
As I spent the second half in a deep sleep.

I think I’d have liked it more if I were older.
I’m not quite grown up, but I’ve not long to wait.
I’ll ask them to take me next month on my birthday,
For seven is too young, but then I’ll be eight!