I Will Not Think Of You

I will not think of you,
When I hear your name.
Nor display your picture in a silver frame.

I will not hear your laugh
Nor re-call your smile.
And please forgive me
If I don’t talk about you for a while.

So I’ll close my eyes and I’ll close my mind,
In the hope that I’m allowed to find,
A place I can be where still waters run clear
But while you’re on my mind that place cannot be here.

For as rain follows wind.
Or as sun follows rain
Just as grief follows loss
Where there’s loss, follows pain.

But we’re told all wounds heal,
And I pray that is true,
Though time won’t dim your light
Or the memory of you.

And when I am old
I shall think of you still.
For the world must grow older
But you never will.

You’ll always be with me,
Wherever I go,
But just how much I’ll miss you,
You never will know.